Huli ka

by Pluperfect

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Huli ka! ● etymology: tagalog

1. got you
2. you're late

unreleased recordings from 2013-14.

it's very much so unpolished, with the levels all over the place. thought i'd keep it classic whatever, dad, you know? sloppy. temporary. diary entry observations on old friendships and heartbreaks and fears that are different now!

despite all the other terrifying realities, i plowed through some years and life is more delicious. as someone who feels easily embarrassed of my early projects and those projects as a reflection of my earlier self, i also think there's something nice about revisiting that kind of stuff. to reflect on where i was, how i thought and felt, in relation to this present...there are still some reminders worth hearing.

anyway, it's been a while. thanks for listening.


released July 26, 2017

ft. Yung Millynz on Peaches



all rights reserved


Pluperfect Queens, New York

PLUPERFECT (also known as past perfect): a tense used when expressing an event that reached completion before another moment in the past.

to form the pluperfect tense, one would use the verb TO HAVE in the perfect tense and follow with the past participle of the verb that pertains to the pluperfect action.

ex: before i deleted all my albums, i HAD already SAVED them on my computer.
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Track Name: Healing ritual
examples of new healing rituals:

-create new traditions for myself, esp. seasonal
-follow small daily routines that will guarantee i leave my bed/home at least once
-calm down through making tea, isolating myself and reading, crying if i have to, j/o if i have to
-write it out just to transfer energy in the moment
-talk it out; be direct and honest instead of writing songs that hold secret feelings and then uploading them to bandcamp
Track Name: death of the phone call
poem i wrote that appears in the zine eenie-minie whammy #001. it was also an intermediate french final.
Track Name: i don't know
byproduct of processing a blip of friend/crush discomfort. complicated feelings; mostly funny. in it for the split vox here, hehe. still pretty interesting to reflect on the different types of attraction/care/love for people.
Track Name: peaches
old song for cassidy
Track Name: bandit
old song for nanay
Track Name: how to celebrate
Excerpt from Codependent No More by Melody Beattie:

"Caution: intense happy feelings can be as distracting and scary as intense sad feelings, especially to codependents who are not used to happy feelings, according to Scott Egleston. Many codependents believe happy feelings must always be followed by sad feelings, because that is the way it has usually happened in the past. Some codependents believe we can't, shouldn't, and don't deserve to feel happy. Sometimes we do things to create sad feelings after experiencing happy feelings, or whenever the possibility of a happy feeling exists. It's okay to feel happy. It's okay to feel sad. Let the emotional energy pass through, and strive for peace and balance."
Track Name: internet quiz
note to me 3yrs ago: you move. you learn to detach. your hair is growing again. you are growing again.